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Software Maintenance and Support Subscription

Support services are extended to all customers with an active Software Service Subscription with Crown Pointe Technologies, Inc. Service subscriptions are payable in advance and are renewable on an annual basis, however multi-year subscriptions are available.

A Software Service Subscription will entitle customers to the following:

Software Maintenance Services

  • Versions: The customer will receive all new versions of the software. A version is a major revision of the product consisting of a significant number of new features and improvements. It also includes cumulative service releases and patches issued since the prior version. Changes may be required to the database structure to support some improvements. When this is the case, the necessary data conversion procedures are included with the version upgrade to preserve the customerís data with regard to compatibility with the software
  • Service Releases: The customer will receive all service releases. A service release is a minor revision of the product consisting mainly of a collection of patches, but a few improvements, new reports, and more can also be expected. The database structure is very unlikely to change in a service release.
  • Patches: The customer will receive all new patches to the software. A patch is typically a modification to correct a defect discovered in the product. The database structure will not change in a patch.

New versions, service releases, and patches are distributed via download from our company website and are accompanied by revised user manuals and illustrated release notes providing an overview of all software improvements.

NOTE: It is essential for customers to install all new versions in a timely manner. While software conversion software is provided as necessary to maintain data compatibility from one version to the next, these conversions are not cumulative. For example, an organization may upgrade from Version 8.x to 9.x but it can not upgrade from Version 7.x to 9.x. Significant delays in implementing new versions can pose serious data issues.

Technical Support

  • Technical Support: The customer will be entitled to professional support via our technical support line or email. Technical support is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

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