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Many organizations are using the very effective Police Training Officer Program (PTO) to train new officers.
This method of field training incorporates community policing and problem solving principles and calls for the frequent creation, editing and exchange of documents by trainees, trainers, evaluators, and supervisors involved in the program. A PTO program based on paper forms or collections of word processing documents can however be a grueling and time consuming effort, and prompt assessment of trainees is difficult for program administrators.


Our Police Training Officer Software (PTO) radically simplifies the processes associated with PTO training, offers instant access to digital PTO documents, and improves reporting accuracy and efficiency. It provides the central control and security you need in an easy to use multi-user document management system and reduces effort expended on managing the process so you can concentrate on training and evaluation. The system supplies all of the integrated tools you need to create, catalog, edit, spell-check, evaluate, print, secure, and archive your PTO Documents.


Field training requirements can vary widely from one organization to the next. That's why our PTO software allows users to customize many aspects of the system, making it the most flexible solution available.


Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Server 2008 / Server 2003



We believe all public safety organizations will benefit from our training systems and therefore set pricing by size of organization (active employees) and options selected. We will be delighted to provide you with a quotation tailored specifically for your organization.


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  • Enforces Standards: PTO documents are formatted consistently and automatically, making document review and editing both easier and faster.

  • Manages Document Flow: Users see only the documents that pertain to them, all others are suppressed. Documents needing attention (work, rework, submission, approval) are visually flagged so  each person knows where to focus their effort. This keeps the process moving and helps reduce incomplete documents, missing signatures and other loose ends.

  • Flexible/Customizable: Standard PTO document templates are provided to get you up and running fast. Customize these templates to fit your needs and preferences, even create new user-defined documents to extend the standard curriculum.

  • Easy to Use: A simple and intuitive interface presents users with only the functions they need to fulfill their role in your PTO program. Irrelevant menus, forms, and reports are suppressed. Little training is required for operation.

  • Secure: Easily manage security through the software rather than setting constraints on network folders and individual documents. Software access requires a personal password. Access to features and documents within the software is determined automatically by the user's role in your PTO program: Trainee; Training Officer; Evaluator; Supervisor. "Electronic Signatures" let you know precisely who has approved each document. Automatically locks documents to prevent further changes once a digital signature is added.

  • Centralized Database: All documents are stored in a central database for multi-user accessibility, complete security, backup protection, and control. No individual files to manage or keep track of. You have one comprehensive depository of all field training data for historical reference.


Standard Types of PTO Documents
  • Coaching & Training Report (CTR)
  • Daily Journal
  • Neighborhood Portfolio Exercise (NHPE)
  • Problem-Based Learning Exercises (PBLE)
  • Midterm Evaluation Report
  • Final Evaluation Report
  • Create User-defined Documents like Task Lists

General Features

  • Enforces Consistent Document Format
  • Modifiable / Extensible Training Curriculum
  • Allows Phase Specific Details in Curriculum
  • Manage Multiple Training Programs
  • Supports Catalog of Exercises
  • Optional Rating System within Selected Documents
  • All Documents Stored in Central Database
  • Integrated Word Processor
  • Spell Checks Document Contents
  • Preview Report Before Printing
  • Requires User Authentication (User Id / Password) for System Access
  • Restricts Access to Features by User Role
Supervisor Features
  • Identify Overdue Documents
  • Insert Supervisor Comments / Questions into Documents
  • Provide Final Approval of Documents
  • Return Documents to PTO for Re-evaluation or Changes
  • Lock Selected Documents to Prevent Further Changes
  • Manage Multiple PTO's / Evaluators
  • Sort Trainees in Various Orders

Training Officer Features

  • Manage Daily Journals
  • Evaluate Coaching & Training Reports (CTR)
  • Manager Neighborhood Portfolio Exercises
  • Manager Problem Based Learning Exercises

Trainee Features

  • Manager Daily Journals
  • Manage Coaching and Training Reports
  • Review Training Program / Curriculum
  • Set Personal Preferences

Evaluator Features

  • Manager Mid-term and Final Evaluation
  • View Daily Journals and Weekly CTR's

Data Entry Features

  • Browse Document Contents
  • Filter Documents on Content
  • Standardized Comments Reduce Entry Time
  • "Duplicate Last Comment"
  • "Hot Key" Navigation
  • Pop-up Tool Tips
  • Industry Standard Spell Checking
  • One-Click Access to Related Documents

Document Handling Features

  • Control Flow of Documents Between Users
  • Supports "Electronic Signatures"
  • Isolate and Protect Document Sections by User (or User Role)
  • Flag Documents and Document Sections Needing Attention



We offer a complete suite of services to get you up and running quickly and with minimal effort. We will be delighted to provide you with a quotation for any of the services listed below.

  • Data Conversion: We offer data conversion services to preserve historical data stored in your current databases. This effort may require development of customized conversion software, or manual data entry provided by our staff. The methods used and related costs will depend on the quantity, quality, format, and complexity of your data.

  • Implementation: We offer implementation services to assist you with installation of the software,  configuration of various software options and settings, and customization of the PTO document templates that will be used to run your field training program.

  • User Training: We offer both online and onsite training options. Our instructor led, hands-on training  gives users the knowledge and confidence they need to operate the software successfully. The typical field training program involves several types of users due to the different roles and responsibilities in the training program: Field Training Officer, Supervisor, Evaluator, Commander, etc. The training delivered to each group of users can be substantially different and may be conducted in separate sessions. Larger organizations also may require multiple training sessions to accommodate training of all personnel. Our trainer will work with you to develop a training plan and schedule that is right for your situation and budget.

  • Software Maintenance & Support:  A Software Maintenance and Support Subscription will entitle you to professional assistance with technical or user issues. You will also receive all software patches, upgrades and new versions at no additional cost for as long as your subscription remains active.


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