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We offer two training options designed to accelerate the learning process, instill user confidence, and quickly generate successes to build upon. Customers can choose the training method that is right for their situation and budget.

Our trainers are experienced instructors who clearly understand the needs and processes associated with public safety training organizations. Training is hands-on to maximize the learning experience. The trainer guides participants through the software and a series of exercises using special workbooks and correlated training data delivered with the product. The workbooks provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions that teach users how to perform all of the basic software functions.

If you are interested in training please let us know and we will promptly send you a written proposal customized to your situation and budget.



Onsite Training

Onsite training is most effective, and the best value, when training a group of individuals. Participants interact with one another as they learn and discuss how the product can be used to benefit their organization most. Our trainer can also respond to questions as they arise and offer helpful advice specific to your situation. If your organization uses our data conversion services to transfer data from a previous software application, our trainer can also use this opportunity to review the converted data with your staff and answer related questions.

$1,250 per day, plus travel expenses

Online Training

Online training is most effective when there are just one or two trainees. We can deliver the entire basic training course or in-depth instruction on particular areas or features of the software. Trainees have the opportunity to ask the trainer direct questions and to discuss in detail those areas of the product in which you have particular interest. Online training requires a telephone (speaker phone when more than one trainee) and a computer equipped with Web browser and full-time Internet connection. Online training can be conveniently scheduled several hours at a time. Online training also eliminates trainer travel costs.

$100 per hour

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